Tuesday, January 10, 2017

School Lunch Favs

So...it seemed as though there wasn't much of an interest in my getting my healthy me back post -so, I decided to switch directions...to school lunches!   This may not be the prettiest post -but, still had to share!   

When Miss J was getting ready to start school, one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be sure of was that she had a fun lunch each day.  Mostly to take away from the other kids that she has an "allergy" or she was the "allergy kid" but also because what kid wouldn't love a fun lunch full of love, right?!?!

Photo Credit:  Google 
Since I'm not the most creative person, I needed to do some research for this lunch packing gig I was about to take on for my baby girl!  A few of my favs to follow for lunch ideas are Keelie McGuire, 100 Days of Real Food and Laura Fuentes / MOMables.  Who knows, maybe one day I'll be as good as a reference as these awesome ladies!  

Now...onto my favorite lunch Box items I use for Miss J:

Photo Credit:  Google 
Lunch Box:  Lands End Soft Sided Lunch Box. I absolutely love that I can put the water bottle on the size so if of leaks it doesn't ruin the lunch.  In additions, there is plenty of room for a lunch container, and ice pack.  

Water Bottle:  Thermos  Funtainers  Seriously, it keels it cold and ice fresh all day.  

Fruit/Veggie Cutter:  For fruit, veggies, cheese...anything.  And...can't forget about my crinkle cutter too!  
Silicone Sleeves

Storage Container:  Small Stainless Steel Container, UKonserve, and YumBox.  I'm so sad that my absolute fav plastic lunch containers are currently unavailable:  Happy Lunchboxes.  

In case you don't follow me on Instagram or FaceBook, or just need some ideas, here are some of Miss J's favorite lunches that I've made so far:



Here's to hoping this post gave you some lunch box inspiration!