Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Something you may not know....

Something you may not be aware of...I don't make a single penny off of this blog!  So, essentially, I'm a volunteer!

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All that I post and writer about is solely in the hopes of trying to help others, and just a way to help Celiacs or those who are Gluten Free find options...and stick together.  This may also explain why I don't write blog post often because I never know if I'm going in the direction people may like or my life just gets crazy.  I do however post frequently on Facebook and Instagram in case you don't follow me there!  

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Anything product related that I post about, share or place I visit...you guessed it, I don't get a discount or make a single penny to post and share about it.  So, essentially, I'm just a Volunteer for you, and giving businesses FREE advertising!  

In addition to being the Pittsburgh Celiac, I also started a Generation GF Pittsburgh Branch; which is a part of GIG -but, specifically for GF kids, and their families.  And...you guessed it again...its all volunteer.  It's all about trying to help GF kids know they aren't alone, and bring them all together.  As you may have guess my sole inspiration is my daughter.  Even though I was diagnosed as an adult, I know that feeling of being isolated, and I am trying my best to help my daughter have a limited feeling with it.  I know its inevitable that it will happen -but, the goal of GGF is to bring GF kids together and have fun...and that's what I plan to do!  

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Maybe someday I'll go in the direction of being a paid blogger -but, for now, I'm here as a volunteer to help spread the word, and try to help Celiacs or those who are GF to share options I've discovered.  Please know that if I've written a post that you have liked and you "liked" it or "shared" it, I thank you...its truly appreciated!  


Here's to discovering more GF finds, and sticking together!  Celiac Strong...or should I say Gluten Free Strong!  

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

School Lunch Favs

So...it seemed as though there wasn't much of an interest in my getting my healthy me back post -so, I decided to switch directions...to school lunches!   This may not be the prettiest post -but, still had to share!   

When Miss J was getting ready to start school, one thing I knew for sure was that I wanted to be sure of was that she had a fun lunch each day.  Mostly to take away from the other kids that she has an "allergy" or she was the "allergy kid" but also because what kid wouldn't love a fun lunch full of love, right?!?!

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Since I'm not the most creative person, I needed to do some research for this lunch packing gig I was about to take on for my baby girl!  A few of my favs to follow for lunch ideas are Keelie McGuire, 100 Days of Real Food and Laura Fuentes / MOMables.  Who knows, maybe one day I'll be as good as a reference as these awesome ladies!  

Now...onto my favorite lunch Box items I use for Miss J:

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Lunch Box:  Lands End Soft Sided Lunch Box. I absolutely love that I can put the water bottle on the size so if of leaks it doesn't ruin the lunch.  In additions, there is plenty of room for a lunch container, and ice pack.  

Water Bottle:  Thermos  Funtainers  Seriously, it keels it cold and ice fresh all day.  

Fruit/Veggie Cutter:  For fruit, veggies, cheese...anything.  And...can't forget about my crinkle cutter too!  
Silicone Sleeves

Storage Container:  Small Stainless Steel Container, UKonserve, and YumBox.  I'm so sad that my absolute fav plastic lunch containers are currently unavailable:  Happy Lunchboxes.  

In case you don't follow me on Instagram or FaceBook, or just need some ideas, here are some of Miss J's favorite lunches that I've made so far:



Here's to hoping this post gave you some lunch box inspiration!