Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 3: My Journey to Wellness

Since I'm making changes, it's time to change the title to My Journey to Wellness.  There is no looking back now, right!?!?

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Even though it was a relatively gloomy looking day, my energy levels were high surprisingly!   Maybe it has something to do with being Friday, and just looking forward to the weekend, too!  Last night, I attempted to go to be early -but, my brain kept racing with ideas of what to blog about and ideas for this journey.  Truly, I should have gotten out of bed and just meditated!  Would of, could of, should of....

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My Day 3 is just simply a good day, I think!  It started with my Bestie sending me a text just to let me know what they were having to eat at her son's birthday party.  This day brightener may sound so petty -but, to me it was huge!  I'm blessed with a bestie who just gets me.  The simple text of the head up on food reduced to much of my anxiety.  Between Miss J and I both being GF, I always feel like a nag when I have to always ask about food food being served at functions and leads to feeling like an inconvenience expecting to be accommodate; which isn't the case.  If there isn't going to be food we can eat, I always try to make the same they are having or something special so Miss J fits in or feels a little extra special if there is something she would really want but can't.  Just the simple little gesture from by bestie beyond made my day.  It's truly the little things.  

It's a pizza night in our house tonight so it won't be the healthiest eating day -but, at least it isn't fried food, right?!?!  Maybe I'll get a little creative with the pizza making though or even make homemade crust instead of using a pre made GF shell.  Decisions, decisions!  
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My plan is after dinner to escape to meditate or do a yoga tape...and maybe even Miss J will do that with me or even all for a little walk as a family.  

Our weekend is a fun filled weekend - so, there is a chance I may not do any blog post -but, I will certainly try my best!  

Wished you all a blessed weekend full of lots of GF goodness, and fun! 


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