Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time for Change: Day 1

Supposedly, there is no time like the present -so, I'm jumping right in to make some of the changes to get my healthy me back!  

Photo Credit:  Pinterest 

My plan is to make gradual changes to not overwhelm myself, and avoid failing this change miserably.  Especially since these changes HAVE to happen!  

Day 1 Changes:

  • Start taking a few of my supplements again.  Today, I started taking my Vitamin D (typically my vitamin D is in single digits and am anticipating the same results with my blood work), Woman's Mutli Vitamin, and B 12 (who can't use a little more energy?!?!)
  • Eat Breakfast.  Yes, I just said eat breakfast!  I'm great at making sure everyone else eats breakfast...the most important meal of the day...but, horrible at doing it myself.  Time to make this change for sure.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  I'll be taking my good ole pink Hydro Flask every where I go!  
  • Before bed, my hopes are to either Meditate or do yoga or at least take some me time.
Yesterday, I realized I also suck at taking me time, and really need to add that into my plan of change too.  To start the change yesterday,  I took a nice long walk with our puppy, and before Miss J got home from school, I sat on our porch swing and read my book for a few minutes.  After all, yesterday was an absolute gorgeous day in the Burgh, and had to enjoy it to the fullest!  Now today, since It's rainy, I'll have to get a little more creative with my me time!  

I'm raising my Hydro Flash to cheers to more changes to come.  I'd love to hear what changes you plan to make for yourself, too!  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Time to make some Changes

It's that time of year for me to have my yearly Gastro appointment, and seems like it's time for me to make some changes on my life. I've recently discovered that I have a small kidney stone, and arthritis in my hip. This may all be random and not related -but, as we know with auto immune diseases, it's most likely my body attacking itself thanks to my having 2 auto immune diseases (Crohn's & Celiac Disease).'s time to make some changes in my life and get strict with taking care of myself. Don't get me wrong I'm extremely strict with eating Gluten Free -however, I'm not so strict at eating healthy all the time, and taking care of myself. I'm the care taker type who puts everyones needs first then mine, and it's time to correct that. And as far as fitness...well, does cleaning, and cooking count?!?! It doesn't help either that my stress levels are high...and I've a very anxious person. With all that said, it's time for me to make some changes because I HAVE to!

So...I'm making this blog post to help keep me accountable in making changes in my life...because in order to get my health back. It's time to meditating (I typically use Meditation Oasis on my Podcast), journalling, yoga, and eating real foods. It doesn't mean I have to do that all the above daily -but, I'd sure like to try. I need to commit to eating real food daily and at least yoga, meditating, or journaling daily at least. Now is the time because if I don't take care of myself then no one will, right?!?!

Now the question is..who would like to take this journey with me?