Monday, September 19, 2016

Frustration ahead....again!

In light of the Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy, if you'll call it a joke, about Gluten Free & Peanut Allergies being annoying, I had to put my thoughts out there.  Trust me, I get that he is comedian, and is just joking -however, he shouldn't joke about something that is so seriously, and especially since the vast majority of allergies are life threatening.  He so could have knocked the FAD gluten free diet instead, and called that one annoying -but, for those of us that HAVE to be gluten free or allergic to other foods, it's not a joke by any means. Jokes like this one make it SO much more for those of us who HAVE to live the allergy lifestyle seriously.
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When I was diagnosed with Celiac 13 years ago, it was a challenge because the GF market was slim and not many options.  You'd think now, 13 years later it would be much easier -however, it is oh so much more challenging.  Don't get me wrong, there are many more food options -however, SAFE gluten free options, being taken serious, and being respected are so much more challenging. 

Going out to eat, or for that fact eating anywhere, brings me so much anxiety.  So, my apologies to anyone who has to deal with me for being, as Jimmy Kimmel says being "annoying".  When I get contaminated, I am down for the count for a good 2 weeks...and takes even longer for the damage done to my guts to heal.  Simply a crumb of gluten and my guts freak...yes, a pesky crumb.  Within hours of the contamination, my stomach with blow up and I look like I'm 6 month pregnant -so, imagine how much damage that causes.  In addition to the huge belly bloat, I typically get a headache that often turns in to a migraine, extreme nausea, and a major case of brain fog...that last for days!  Needless to say, when I get contaminated, I am no fun to be around.  Not only do I suffer when I get contaminated, so does my family.  I'm literally a bear to be around for days...especially because of the brain fog, and being so frustrated that I can't remember anything.   
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So...I'm ANNOYING about the food I put onto my body for a very good reason.  

One piece of advice I that I can pass onto anyone who loves someone with Celiac, an allergy, or any food restriction...please respect them fully.  If you kindly made something gluten free or free of any allergen, and we politely decline -but, please don't get offended.  We appreciate the gesture, trust me -but, we have A LOT of fear with food, and all the precautions needed being done correctly.  We know it can be annoying, frustrating, and everything in between -but, its our health that is at risk, and our health trumps upsetting you...sorry.  Lastly, if your  loved one is anything like me, and they feel like an annoying inconvenience, they may pull away.  So, please respect your love ones, and remember, we didn't choose this life.  And...its not funny, and far from a joke.  

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  1. I came across your blog on Facebook. My husband was just diagnosed with celiac, so trying to learn as much as I can! Thank you for putting this blog together and sharing information. Are there particular restaurants in the Pittsburgh area that you feel safe eating at? We just haven't eaten out at all since getting the news due to worrying as well.

    Thank you in advance,