Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celiac Frustration

I'm long overdue for a blog post and apologize for falling off the face of the earth!  Instead of writing blog post, I've been just sharing helpful information on FaceBook.  As I've mentioned, I'm not always the best at putting my thoughts into words -but, time to work on that!  Guess there is no better time that this month for Celiac Awareness Month, right?!?!

Lately, I've had a lot of Celiac Frustration.  

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I'm that person who just pulls away from people and stays in my safe haven at home.  From time to time, I get crushed that I'm not included in things since people assume I won't go because of all the anxiety I get out when I'm out of my safe haven    Most times, I would decline an invite to play it safe -however, on the other side it hurts dearly when I hear of a function I wasn't privy to be invited, and tough not to feel it's because of my inconvenient Celiac.

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Another one of my frustrations is always having to take food to functions...especially family functions.  I'm sure this is crazy for thinking -but, believe family should at least attempt to accommodate or respect your wishes...after all family will do anything for you, right?!?!  

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Don't get me wrong I don't expect them to fully accommodate but at least respect what makes us feel comfortable whether it's bringing our own food, helping to cook to ensure from being contaminated, or whatever else.  It's always nice when you don't have to ask about food being whats being served that they let you know, too!  

Some days it doesn't bother me when others eat the gluten filled food I'd love to eat but then other times it really bothers me. Is it that way with you too? Then on the other hand, it also gets very tiring always have to in a sense packing up your kitchen to go to functions.  Not to mention, by the time you pack your meal and travel, when it comes time to eat it, it's far from as good as fresh from the oven...just like take out!  Lately, I've stated to eat before going or leaving when it's time to eat to head home to eat or grab a safe bite out to eat on the way home, and taking a snack to eat there.  Truly, it just all depends on the day!   

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I'm hoping I'm not the only one -but, each day I feel differently on how I'd like things to be handled. I'm thinking my new live motto needs to be "It truly depend on the day!"  One day things don't bother me, and the next it truly bothers me.  The more I think of it, it truly comes down to respect.  If I feel you respect my Celiac, I'm not as sensitive -but, if it feels like I'm not respected, it bothers me.   

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I can't go without giving my girlfriends some props!  I've truly been blessed with some amazing friends who accept me 100% for who I am...Celiac, anxiety, and all.  My girlfriends never make me feel like an inconvenience, and gladly eat at my select few safe out to eat places on our girls night out, and I'm ever so thankful for that, and them.  

With all that said, I'm thinking it may be time to put together a "Celiac Wish List" compiled of what we wish people knew or respected about the life we HAVE to live.  Let's help spread Celiac Awareness together...and build a  Celiac Wish List together.  
I'll start:

1.)  I wish non-GF respected someone GF 100% and put themselves in our shoes...basically treat others how you would like to be treated.  

Please comment below or on the Facebook post  on my Pittsburgh Celiac Page.