Friday, December 2, 2016

Day 3: My Journey to Wellness

Since I'm making changes, it's time to change the title to My Journey to Wellness.  There is no looking back now, right!?!?

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Even though it was a relatively gloomy looking day, my energy levels were high surprisingly!   Maybe it has something to do with being Friday, and just looking forward to the weekend, too!  Last night, I attempted to go to be early -but, my brain kept racing with ideas of what to blog about and ideas for this journey.  Truly, I should have gotten out of bed and just meditated!  Would of, could of, should of....

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My Day 3 is just simply a good day, I think!  It started with my Bestie sending me a text just to let me know what they were having to eat at her son's birthday party.  This day brightener may sound so petty -but, to me it was huge!  I'm blessed with a bestie who just gets me.  The simple text of the head up on food reduced to much of my anxiety.  Between Miss J and I both being GF, I always feel like a nag when I have to always ask about food food being served at functions and leads to feeling like an inconvenience expecting to be accommodate; which isn't the case.  If there isn't going to be food we can eat, I always try to make the same they are having or something special so Miss J fits in or feels a little extra special if there is something she would really want but can't.  Just the simple little gesture from by bestie beyond made my day.  It's truly the little things.  

It's a pizza night in our house tonight so it won't be the healthiest eating day -but, at least it isn't fried food, right?!?!  Maybe I'll get a little creative with the pizza making though or even make homemade crust instead of using a pre made GF shell.  Decisions, decisions!  
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My plan is after dinner to escape to meditate or do a yoga tape...and maybe even Miss J will do that with me or even all for a little walk as a family.  

Our weekend is a fun filled weekend - so, there is a chance I may not do any blog post -but, I will certainly try my best!  

Wished you all a blessed weekend full of lots of GF goodness, and fun! 


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Day 2: Time for Change

Well, I'm going to be honest...I've been debating now doing this blog post thinking "what's it matter, no one reads in anyway">  But, then that tiny, tiny voice in my head tells me to keep pushing forward in case there is that slight chance some one is going through the same thing. it goes! 
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Yesterday (day 1) my body fought me hard at the end of the day so bad that I had to put my husband in charge of dinner, 
and lay down to rest.  Listening to my body for those 15 minutes of rest did wonders for me.  That is my biggest challenge...listening to my body and not overdoing.  And I know I'm certainly not alone in that, right?!?!  

For the first time in a long time, I ate all 3 meals, too!!  Yippee!!  

Ok, back to Day 2!

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Thursdays are my crazy day.  I help at an after school program with Miss J, and you'd think by now I'd be used to it and have dinner in the crockpot ready for us -but, I always forget.  Then, I'm always struggling to think on my feet quickly to get a healthy meal on the table.  Uggh.

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Today since I did a lot of running around all day, I didn't do my best at hydrating.  However, I still did better than I "used" to!  In addition, I need to push through each day and set aside time to do yoga or go for a walk.
As you can tell, I'm slow to making this change to my wellness.  But, determined to do, slow is better than not doing it!  

Overall, I'm proud of my first 2 days, and keep reminding myself that that is always room for improvement especially since change is a challenge of it's own.

Here's to a great day 3 tomorrow...and days to come!  

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time for Change: Day 1

Supposedly, there is no time like the present -so, I'm jumping right in to make some of the changes to get my healthy me back!  

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My plan is to make gradual changes to not overwhelm myself, and avoid failing this change miserably.  Especially since these changes HAVE to happen!  

Day 1 Changes:

  • Start taking a few of my supplements again.  Today, I started taking my Vitamin D (typically my vitamin D is in single digits and am anticipating the same results with my blood work), Woman's Mutli Vitamin, and B 12 (who can't use a little more energy?!?!)
  • Eat Breakfast.  Yes, I just said eat breakfast!  I'm great at making sure everyone else eats breakfast...the most important meal of the day...but, horrible at doing it myself.  Time to make this change for sure.
  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  I'll be taking my good ole pink Hydro Flask every where I go!  
  • Before bed, my hopes are to either Meditate or do yoga or at least take some me time.
Yesterday, I realized I also suck at taking me time, and really need to add that into my plan of change too.  To start the change yesterday,  I took a nice long walk with our puppy, and before Miss J got home from school, I sat on our porch swing and read my book for a few minutes.  After all, yesterday was an absolute gorgeous day in the Burgh, and had to enjoy it to the fullest!  Now today, since It's rainy, I'll have to get a little more creative with my me time!  

I'm raising my Hydro Flash to cheers to more changes to come.  I'd love to hear what changes you plan to make for yourself, too!  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Time to make some Changes

It's that time of year for me to have my yearly Gastro appointment, and seems like it's time for me to make some changes on my life. I've recently discovered that I have a small kidney stone, and arthritis in my hip. This may all be random and not related -but, as we know with auto immune diseases, it's most likely my body attacking itself thanks to my having 2 auto immune diseases (Crohn's & Celiac Disease).'s time to make some changes in my life and get strict with taking care of myself. Don't get me wrong I'm extremely strict with eating Gluten Free -however, I'm not so strict at eating healthy all the time, and taking care of myself. I'm the care taker type who puts everyones needs first then mine, and it's time to correct that. And as far as fitness...well, does cleaning, and cooking count?!?! It doesn't help either that my stress levels are high...and I've a very anxious person. With all that said, it's time for me to make some changes because I HAVE to!

So...I'm making this blog post to help keep me accountable in making changes in my life...because in order to get my health back. It's time to meditating (I typically use Meditation Oasis on my Podcast), journalling, yoga, and eating real foods. It doesn't mean I have to do that all the above daily -but, I'd sure like to try. I need to commit to eating real food daily and at least yoga, meditating, or journaling daily at least. Now is the time because if I don't take care of myself then no one will, right?!?!

Now the question is..who would like to take this journey with me?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Frustration ahead....again!

In light of the Jimmy Kimmel's Emmy, if you'll call it a joke, about Gluten Free & Peanut Allergies being annoying, I had to put my thoughts out there.  Trust me, I get that he is comedian, and is just joking -however, he shouldn't joke about something that is so seriously, and especially since the vast majority of allergies are life threatening.  He so could have knocked the FAD gluten free diet instead, and called that one annoying -but, for those of us that HAVE to be gluten free or allergic to other foods, it's not a joke by any means. Jokes like this one make it SO much more for those of us who HAVE to live the allergy lifestyle seriously.
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When I was diagnosed with Celiac 13 years ago, it was a challenge because the GF market was slim and not many options.  You'd think now, 13 years later it would be much easier -however, it is oh so much more challenging.  Don't get me wrong, there are many more food options -however, SAFE gluten free options, being taken serious, and being respected are so much more challenging. 

Going out to eat, or for that fact eating anywhere, brings me so much anxiety.  So, my apologies to anyone who has to deal with me for being, as Jimmy Kimmel says being "annoying".  When I get contaminated, I am down for the count for a good 2 weeks...and takes even longer for the damage done to my guts to heal.  Simply a crumb of gluten and my guts freak...yes, a pesky crumb.  Within hours of the contamination, my stomach with blow up and I look like I'm 6 month pregnant -so, imagine how much damage that causes.  In addition to the huge belly bloat, I typically get a headache that often turns in to a migraine, extreme nausea, and a major case of brain fog...that last for days!  Needless to say, when I get contaminated, I am no fun to be around.  Not only do I suffer when I get contaminated, so does my family.  I'm literally a bear to be around for days...especially because of the brain fog, and being so frustrated that I can't remember anything.   
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So...I'm ANNOYING about the food I put onto my body for a very good reason.  

One piece of advice I that I can pass onto anyone who loves someone with Celiac, an allergy, or any food restriction...please respect them fully.  If you kindly made something gluten free or free of any allergen, and we politely decline -but, please don't get offended.  We appreciate the gesture, trust me -but, we have A LOT of fear with food, and all the precautions needed being done correctly.  We know it can be annoying, frustrating, and everything in between -but, its our health that is at risk, and our health trumps upsetting you...sorry.  Lastly, if your  loved one is anything like me, and they feel like an annoying inconvenience, they may pull away.  So, please respect your love ones, and remember, we didn't choose this life.  And...its not funny, and far from a joke.  

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Celiac Frustration

I'm long overdue for a blog post and apologize for falling off the face of the earth!  Instead of writing blog post, I've been just sharing helpful information on FaceBook.  As I've mentioned, I'm not always the best at putting my thoughts into words -but, time to work on that!  Guess there is no better time that this month for Celiac Awareness Month, right?!?!

Lately, I've had a lot of Celiac Frustration.  

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I'm that person who just pulls away from people and stays in my safe haven at home.  From time to time, I get crushed that I'm not included in things since people assume I won't go because of all the anxiety I get out when I'm out of my safe haven    Most times, I would decline an invite to play it safe -however, on the other side it hurts dearly when I hear of a function I wasn't privy to be invited, and tough not to feel it's because of my inconvenient Celiac.

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Another one of my frustrations is always having to take food to functions...especially family functions.  I'm sure this is crazy for thinking -but, believe family should at least attempt to accommodate or respect your wishes...after all family will do anything for you, right?!?!  

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Don't get me wrong I don't expect them to fully accommodate but at least respect what makes us feel comfortable whether it's bringing our own food, helping to cook to ensure from being contaminated, or whatever else.  It's always nice when you don't have to ask about food being whats being served that they let you know, too!  

Some days it doesn't bother me when others eat the gluten filled food I'd love to eat but then other times it really bothers me. Is it that way with you too? Then on the other hand, it also gets very tiring always have to in a sense packing up your kitchen to go to functions.  Not to mention, by the time you pack your meal and travel, when it comes time to eat it, it's far from as good as fresh from the oven...just like take out!  Lately, I've stated to eat before going or leaving when it's time to eat to head home to eat or grab a safe bite out to eat on the way home, and taking a snack to eat there.  Truly, it just all depends on the day!   

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I'm hoping I'm not the only one -but, each day I feel differently on how I'd like things to be handled. I'm thinking my new live motto needs to be "It truly depend on the day!"  One day things don't bother me, and the next it truly bothers me.  The more I think of it, it truly comes down to respect.  If I feel you respect my Celiac, I'm not as sensitive -but, if it feels like I'm not respected, it bothers me.   

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I can't go without giving my girlfriends some props!  I've truly been blessed with some amazing friends who accept me 100% for who I am...Celiac, anxiety, and all.  My girlfriends never make me feel like an inconvenience, and gladly eat at my select few safe out to eat places on our girls night out, and I'm ever so thankful for that, and them.  

With all that said, I'm thinking it may be time to put together a "Celiac Wish List" compiled of what we wish people knew or respected about the life we HAVE to live.  Let's help spread Celiac Awareness together...and build a  Celiac Wish List together.  
I'll start:

1.)  I wish non-GF respected someone GF 100% and put themselves in our shoes...basically treat others how you would like to be treated.  

Please comment below or on the Facebook post  on my Pittsburgh Celiac Page.  

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Guest Blog Post...from my Mom!

For our family New Years Day get together my mom made a perfect Strawberry Pretzel Dessert...even the gluten eaters went back for seconds it was that good!!  Since there were several likes of the picture I posted on FaceBook, I asked her to do a guest blog post, and share her recipe.  

My mom isn't too Internet savvy, and never read a blog (other than mine) -so, her goes her post!  

I remembered that the Strawberry Pretzel Dessert was one of Melanie's favorites before her Celiac Diagnosis, and going GF -so, I revised the recipe. It's a really easy dessert and so yummy. No one realizes it's GF!😉
1 and half bags of gf pretzels (used Snyders of Hanover) chopped/crushed 
3/4 C melted butter 
1 Tbsp sugar mixed & pressed into 9x13 glass pan. 
Bake at 400 degrees for 8 minutes & 

Cream one 8 oz cream cheese & 1 C sugar. 
In separate bowl beat 1 pint whipping cream & 1 tsp vanilla until fluffy. 
Then blend the two mixes together. 
Spread over cooled pretzel crust. 
Chill layers while jello mixture is made and thickens (approx 40 mins).

TOP LAYER: Jello Mixture
Dissolve 6 oz strawberry jello & 2 Cups boiling water. Add 10 oz frozen strawberries. Chill until thick then spread over whipped cream cheese mixture. Refrigerate until ready to serve. 
Serve with whipped cream or ice cream if desired.