Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A New GF Adventure

 Lately, I've felt like I need to be doing more in the Gluten Free world, and low and behold, Miss J got her Generation GF magazine from GIG in the mail.  What I had been looking for was literally in my hand.

This blog was originally started in attempts to help other Celiacs or those Gluten Free.  I'm not the best at posting blog post, find it a challenge to truly express my feelings, and put it into words -but, always try to post finds and such on FaceBook, and spread awareness. 

That day the magazine arrived, it dawned on me that there isn't a Generation GF branch in Pittsburgh -so, I jumped into researching what needed to be done to start one!  

This summer during a visit to Natually Soergel's, Miss J spotted a little girl wearing the same Gluten Free bracelet she has, and ran to play with her.  Let me tell how excited she was to meet another gluten free little girl!  As an adult, a Celiac or Gluten Intolerance diagnosis is a challenge -but, as a child it's even more...especially since they don't often meet anyone gluten free, and their age.

However, now we can make that happen.  I've officially started a Genertation GF Pittsburgh Branch, and brain storming functions, and fun stuff! 

I'm so proud to be 1 of the 7 Generation GF branches!  So...stay tuned for more news of this exciting new adventure!

For more information on Generation GF, please check out this link:

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