Sunday, October 11, 2015

Gluten Free Kids Birthday Party

This week Miss J turned 6...and it's certainly has been the fastest 6 years of my life!!  Originally, she wanted to have a roller skating party -but, sadly the only roller skating rink close to us closed a few months ago!  So, we started to brain storm!  Miss J came up with a great idea...a movie party...and I ran with it!

We both agreed on having all to our home to watch Home!  Luckily, Miss J's dad willingly agreed to share his man cave for the event!


For the Movie themed menu we enjoyed Hot Dogs (no buns), Nacho's and Cheese, Boov Milkshakes, Popcorn/Candy Bar, a Veggies tray, and of course Miss J's fav...Pickle Dip with chips!  


Instead of making a cake, we made cupcakes in the shape of a unicorn.  It made it so easy to literally just grab and go!  Since the kids had Boov Milkshakes while watching the movie, (vanilla ice cream, blueberries, mini marshmallows, and orange sprinkles), we didn't have ice cream with the cupcakes.  And...surprisingly no one noticed!  


After the party was over, I realized this was the easiest food prep party we have had!  The most difficult thing to make was the "cake" -but, luckily my mom pulled it off for me!!


Other than making the cupcakes, the only other food I had to make was the pickle dip; which I threw together the night before.  As for the rest, it was so easy to throw together right before everyone arrived.


To end the day, we did a unicorn piñata...filled with gluten free candy,  of course!

If I could get Miss J to go along with it, if agree to have this party this every year...but, know the chances are slim!!  

What are some of the themes you have you done for your little ones birthday parties?  

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