Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Reflecting: Be You, and Be Proud!

Now that I'm determined to journal,  this morning, I remembered I had a journal I'd previously purchased on my bookshelf.  To my surprise, I attempted to start journalling in it in 2011...for 2 days!!  The 2nd entry really made me reflect when I re-read...especially since I'm still the same -however, different in a way that I have accepted my trait.  What trait is that you wonder?!?!  Well, I tend to push people away.  Do you do that too?  I tend to think it's because of my Celiac and many not getting the life I have to live.  I'd love to be spontaneous in life and not have to plan so much in advance -but, unfortunately all of life revolved around food! 


I've always been a very private person, and when I was diagnosed with Celiac, it became more so.  Guess you can say my being an introvert kicked into high gear!!  In general, I don't like being the center of attention...and really don't like to add any attention to my having Celiac.  Such as, at functions, I like to just blend in, and cringe when someone yells "Mel, you can't have this because there is gluten in it."...and then all the questions come flooding! I remind myself it's good to educate, and bring awareness...however, you know all the crazy comments like "you can't eat anything"  or "oh, you poor thing."  I always try to put a positive spin on any negative comment -such as, it could always be worse, or we still enjoy amazing foods...it's all just in how it's made.  But, as you know it can all be very draining!  Often times, I let the introvert win the game, and just pull away, and  avoid social settings...it's just me, and I've accepted that!  


As much as I've tried to change and get myself out of my comfort zone, and have my hubby to thank for the extra shove sometime...the reality is that I've conquered it a bit -but, it's just how I am!  I have a pretty damn amazing circle of friends and family that  accept me for me, and love me now matter what...and for that, I'm so very thankful.  Over the years some have made me feel guilty for being me...and I've finally realized, I'm proud of who I am!  Everyone is different, and wish more accepted the saying "To each his/her own."  We are all beautifully unique, and many reasons why we are who we are...we have all gone through many things in life that make us who we are...so, be proud!  


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