Monday, September 28, 2015

Gene Testing

Are you the only Celiac in your family or is your family full of Celiacs?  As of now, I'm the only Celiac!  My parents and niece have been tested for Celiac -but, the results are negative.  As we know, you can also get a false positive for celiac -but, won't get into that right now!  

In regards to testing for the Celiac Gene, the only that has been tested is Miss J.   Before Miss J was born my husband I agreed we would keep her gluten free to be safe.  This decision was not only to keep her safe -but, me too, since babies are always trying to put their hand in mouths, and I wouldn't continuously be contaminated.  After a few years, we wanted to have her tested, and to see if my gut reaction to keep her gluten free was correct.  Luckily, my celiac friend also has a little girl the around the same age as Miss J, and she recommended EnteroLab.  After looking into EnteroLab myself,  it was a great relief that they offered an oral swab to test for the Genes of both Gluten Sensitivity & Celiac...and that we didn't have to put her through getting blood work. 

To our surprise,  Miss J's gene test came back positive for having both Gluten Sensitivity AND having the Celiac Gene...and this Mama had the right gut reaction indeed!  The funny part is I can only give her one of the genes.  So, my hubby carries one too!!  We have always suspected my hubby having a gluten sensitivity, and this validated it!  However, it still drives me crazy at times wondering who else in the family has the Celiac gene, and which side of the family carries the gene!  


At such a young age, Miss J has already realized, she will never be alone...and will always have me to relate to her good and bad days of being gluten free.  Luckyily, she has my happy go lucky personality -so, not too much phases her...yet!  The toughest part for me being the only Celiac in the family is that I don't have anyone who can relate to me.  Don't get me wrong, they do their best to understand it -but, they don't have to live it.  

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I've asked my parents to both the gene test done out of curiosity.  My Dad has always had stomach issues, and also has Crohns like, me, I'm thinking that he may carry the gene.  But, as you know, you never know!  

Not all will agree with our decision to use a lab such as EnteroLab -but, that it ok!  We agree with the decisions, and her parents, and that is all that matters.  Miss J is one health girl, and once she is older if she would like try a gluten challenge (introduce gluten under a doctors supervisions) -then, that is her decision.  The very few times that she has had gluten or that I've been contaminated, she has reacted too, and another validation.  

Have you or your family had a gene test? Are you the first in your family to be diagnoses or were you diagnosed because you have family members who are a celiac?  

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*I was not paid in any way to write this post, and reference EnteroLab.  

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