Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Journaling Inspiration

Now that Miss J is in school all day, I'm finding myself with some extra time on my hands, and realized I need to start using that time to take care of me!  Not only do I want to get back on track with nutrition, I want to become a better me!  Just within this week, I've received my weekly email from Emily Levenson; which was about journaling, and then on Instagram the Gluten Free Jersey Girl posted about journaling, too!  With those 2 post, it made me think it was a sign in a way, and it was time to try.  Not to mention encoring words from Gluten Free Jersey Girl, and Gluten Free Jenna...thank you for that!  

One of the reasons I don't post many blog post is that I'm the type of person who loves to help other -but, just not good at outing my thoughts into words.  I know...why am I even trying this blogging thing...well...I'm hopping it will help others, and help me grow, too!  To grow, journaling just may be able to help me with that, right?!?!  


Not only did seeing those 2 post intrigue me with journaling, since I've done some running around by myself, I've had some time to reflect.  In my few errands on my own, I've realized how grumpy and unappreciated this world has become.  And...I refuse to let that happen to me, or bring me down!  Just the simple task of holding the sore for someone downer happen anymore...and if you do it for someone they look at you like you have 3 heads!  Just that day of errands ruined my good mood, and I refuse to let that happen again   So...I'm thinking with all that said, its the perfect time for me to start journaling, and put my thoughts and feeling on paper.  

Since I'm not good at putting my thoughts into words I'm going to start with My Bucket Filling Journal - 30 Days to a Happier Life.  
Everyday, there is a page with questions to compete and then a blank page to write your own thoughts.  I figured it was a perfect journal guide to start, and work of giving me more of a "peace of mind" and become a better me!

Do you journal?  Are there any tips to get the full benefit?  Please comment below, and pass on any input or tips!  Cheers to becoming a better me...and hope maybe I've inspired you too!  

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