Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons

This past Saturday,  I made a quick visit to the Market Square location of Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons. Ironically, I had planned to visit the Squirrel Hill location Sunday AM - but, during a trip to the city to watch my niece perform at the Byham, we drove pastand I quickly ran in!  

I've never tasted a Macaron in my life, and completely misjudged them! For some reason, I thought they would be a crunchy cookie. Boy, was I wrong!! Never tasting a Macaron before, I opted to have the kind girl pick my flavors! Not knowing if I'd like them, I made a bold risk, and got 12 Macarons. Let me just say...O. M. G. we are in love! My daughter and I shared every Macaron, and didn't taste one we didn't like! We loved every single one...and every single one was so flavorful, moist, and delicious. Both of us are completely hooked to Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons, and can't wait to visit the Squirel Hill location, and introduce our family and friends to our new find of pure goodness!  


This coming weekend is my birthday, and all I want is a Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons fix!!  They are a special treat for sure!  If you haven't yet tried Gaby et Jules Patisseries et Macarons, it's a must!  

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