Monday, June 8, 2015

Birthday Intentional Acts of Kindness

This weekend was my birthday, and I decided to start a new tradition of performing Intentional Acts of Kindness each year!  I originally planned to try for 38 -but, didn't plan enough in advance to complete that many.  So, this year we started the new tradition off with completing only 4; which is not that many -but, a good start!  My joy came in watching Miss J complete the tasks...since she is much cuter than me!  Since swimming was a top priority for Miss J this weekend, we didn't have many opportunities to complete many tasks...but, some are certainly better than none!  

This new tradition idea came from a pin I saw on Pinterest (go figure)!  Take a look at the pin that gave me the idea:


Our list of Intentional Acts of Kindness:

1)  While at checking out at Target, I put $5 on a gift card, and had Miss J give it straight to the lady behind us in line.  Miss J walked up to her and said "here is a gift from me to you."  As you can imagine, the lady was a little confused, and thought Miss J was asking her to put the gift card back on the shelf, and then pleasant surprised when I confirmed it was indeed for her that we were performing acts of kindness.  

2)  During our Trader Joe's trip we picked out favorite flowers and snacks for each of our guest coming over to celebrate my birthday with me!  Miss J loved handing out special gifts to loved ones who came to celebrate her Mom!  

3)  When we came home from the store,  a neighbor girl was out playing with her friend -so, we pulled a few flowers from my flower bouquet, and Miss J gave them some "sunshine"!  They were all adorable when she ran over to them, and gave them a flower.  

4) We took the girls at the hair salon a chocolate fix of dark chocolate covered pomegranates to brighten their day when Miss J got her haircut!  

Next year, my goal is the plan out a lot more of my Intentional Acts of Kindness, and even add some GF to the acts too!  In addition to just my birthday, I always try to do random acts of kindness each day -such as, return a cart for someone in the parking lot, open/hold a door open for someone...and of course smile at the person coming my way!  It's truly the little things in life that can make someones day!  

Do you have any birthday traditions you do?  

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