Monday, April 6, 2015

Pittsburgh GF Eats

In the beautiful, Pittsburgh area we have some pretty amazing Gluten Free (GF) eats options...and sure there are many more to add to the list that I have yet to discover!  One of my goals is to go out of my GF comfort zone, and discover more amazing options I've yet to try and discover.  But, for now, here is a list of some of our favs:

1) Mandy's Pizza:
If you follow me on FaceBook, you won't be surprised to see that our #1 fav is Mandy's Pizza!  Mandy's is a bit of drive for us -but, SO worth it!  The award winning Mandy's has something to offer for everyone...traditional, vegan, and allergen-free eats.  Mandy's also has food allergies at heart since their son has allergies...and he even created a full line of allergen-free pizza, and mixes the age of 9! 

The rest of the list is listed in no particular order!

2) PF Changs:
In my opinion, PF Changs does it right!  It is such a comfort to me that they plate GF eats on dedicated plates.  All GF plates will be printed, and non GF will be on white plates -so, when your meal is served, you know its yours...and safe!

3) Juniper Grill:
The majority of Junipers menu is naturally GF, and so many options!  So many favs at Juniper...especially their fish tacos, and cheesy smoked brisket dip.  

4) Aladdin's Eatery:  
Love their V-Nine Soup, and tuna stead salads!  They also have several vegetarian/vegan options, too!  

5) Gluuteny:  
Celiac Heaven indeed!  100% Gluten Free & Dairy Free Bakery with endless options...and even mixes to take home to make!  

6) Bonefish Grill:  
The GF menu is not currently listed on their website.  However, when you visit, you just ask the hostess for a GF menu.  We love their wood grilled fish options with lemon butter or mango salsa!  

7) Sunny Bridge:  
Not only do they have lots of GF grocery options, they also have a GF Cafe and Bakery!  

8) Naturally Soergels:
Gluten Free, Allergen-Free, Natural and Organic Store.  In addition to the store, Naturally Soergel's also partners with Mandy's Pizza for seasonal events -such as, Donuts with Santa!   GF options galore...and if they don't have it, you can certainly request it!

9) Chipotle Mexican Grill:  
Depending on your location, Chipotle may be hit or miss.  We have yet to have an issue with our location.  Upon ordering, we state we are Celiacs, and they always pull from fresh ingredients to make our yummy Burrito Bowls.

10) Outback Steakhouse:  
Outback also does not list their GF menu on their website -however, simple request one from the hostess during your visit.  Don't forget to have the chocolate thunder from down under for dessert, too!

11) Red Robin:
Even though Red Robin offers GF bun, I still opt for the lettuce wrap burger.  It can get mess -but, it's oh so good!  Also, love having the option for french fries! 

12 ) BnDz:

UPDATED:  Removed from List.  

13) Mitchell's Fish Market:
We are sea food lovers for sure!  Can't go wrong with Mitchell's.

14) Bravo!  Cucina Italiana
I've noticed at my visits with Bravo! our food tends to take a while -however, to me that is a good thing because it means (so I like to believe) that my food is being prepared with caution.  Love tier Chicken Griglia.   

15) First Watch:
Perfect little place for a quick breakfast, brunch or lunch...with so many options! 

16) Grand Concourse:
Grand Concourse has become our favorite place to enjoy brunch for special occasions.  All our bellies leave very happy every time!  The chefs are amazing...and give you the magical Disney feel!  

One of my biggest rule of thumb and suggestion when eating out is to avoid busy, peak times to avoid  reduce the risk of contamination.  As we all know, even though a GF menu is available, we always have a risk for contamination.  Hope this list helps you...and I hope to expand it with more Pittsburgh eats!  I'd love to hear if there are any of your favs now on the list in the comments below!  

*My apologies for not having pictures of yummy gf goodness from each eats!  For those that offer a GF menu, simply click on their to see their menu options.

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  1. One of my favorite places is Ali's Market Place at Gluten Free Zone. I adore their Cinnamon Swirls (as does my mother) and we had one of the best Hawaiian pizzas ever today. They also have a large selection of gf items, as well as some vegan and dairy free stuff. Website: