Monday, April 13, 2015

Gluten Free Goat Bakery

While browsing the internet for Gluten Free options to share, I discovered Pittsburg's little Gluten Free hidden secret...Gluten Free Goat Bakery, and had to share!    

Timing couldn't be more perfect since I'm starting my Real Foods journey, too!   Gluten Free Goat Bakery products ingredients are perfect because she uses "real" ingredients to make the product options healthy.    


Gluten Free Goat is owned, and founded by Jeanette, who is in the 10+ year Celiac diagnosis club like myself!   10 years ago, there weren't many yummy, gluten free options -but, luckily she loved to cook, and bake -so, she got down to business, and started perfecting her recipes!  Jeanette bakes completely gluten-free & vegan treats sourced, local, seasonal, and organic whenever possible.  Unlike many other gluten free products, her products "avoid having to sacrifice your tastebuds in order to stay healthy."  


Gluten Free Goat also offers consulting for those who are newly diagnosed to help you understand the gluten-free options that your local market offers, or compiling GF resources — such as, restaurants, cafes, etc., in your area.  To get more information, please be sure to check out her website! 

Gluten Free Goat Bakery Products can be found at the following locations throughout Pittsburgh:
- Amazing Café: Tuesday and Friday deliveries
Biddles Escape: Tuesday and Friday deliveries
Big Dog Coffee : Periodic deliveries
Commonplace Voluto & Squirrel Hill : Tuesday and Friday deliveries
– Constellation Coffee : Periodic deliveries
– Espresso A Mano : Tuesday and Friday deliveries
Lili Coffee Shop: Friday deliveries
Naturally Soergel’s : Friday deliveries
Tazza D’oro: Tuesday and Friday deliveries
 – CMU Tazza D’oro (in the Gates building) : Tuesday deliveries
Té Café: Tuesday and Friday deliveries
– Zeke’s Coffee: Tuesday and Friday deliveries
In addition, Gluten Free Goat is now a full time vendor at the Pittsburgh Public Market, too!!


Hopefully, my new discovery of Gluten Free Goat Bakery makes your day even sweeter, and you now too, have discovered a new gluten free sweet treat to try...or try again!  

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