Friday, April 10, 2015

Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC Disney Location...Gluten Free Heaven

It's no secret we are HUGE fans of Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC formerly known as BabyCakes NYC. Even though I am just a newbie blogger, still trying to find my voice, -but, let me tell you...Erin McKenna is a true super hero in my eyes. She created this gluten free safe haven, and heaven.  There is no feeling better than being able to walk into a bakery, and be able to order whatever you want...and it be pure goodness, and safe!  Not only is visiting Magic Kingom first on our list for our little princess...getting our Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC fix, too!  During our last Disney trip, the Downtown Disney location was closed -but, we made sure to get our fix at all the other locations that provided Erin's goodness!  

Since we can't get to Disney everyday like we would love, we fuel our addiction throughout the year by using Erin's cookbooks (and app, too).  However, there is nothing like the real deal!!  We absolutely love everything I've made from the cookbooks:  frosting, donuts, chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, waffles....and for the first time ever bread!  Everything is simply pure Gluten Free goodness!  

So far, we have only visit the Disney location, and hope to one day venture to the NYC and CA locations, too!  Before the new Erin McKenna Bakery NYC at Downtown Disney, you may have visited it as BabyCakes NYC.  They used to share a space with Pollo Campero and Fresh A-Pee...the building next to T-Rex!  

The NEW Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC location had it's grand opening in February this year, and as you can imagine its a huge buzz in the Gluten Free community!  Now, so many more are away of the must have Gluten Free Goodness...must have, and Gluten Free Heaven.  

Since we won't get to visit the new location until October, check out Alexis of Gluten Free in Orlando's Blog post on her visit for the grand opening!  

And...another Blog post from Disney Food Blog.

The exciting news of the new Downtown Disney location of Erin McKenna's Bakery NYC even was featured in the Huffington Post.

 We are no doubt counting down the days until we get to visit the new Erin McKenna Bakery NYC location this October ourselves!   Since it's almost 6 months away, I couldn't wait to share with all of you about of Erin McKenna Bakery NYC love!  No doubt, I'll be doing a blog post about a visit, too!  So...stay tuned!!  

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