Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Target GF Finds

A friend of ours recently started a Gluten Free (GF) journey, and overwhelmed with finding products.  Knowing first hand how intimidating it is to start out GF, and not having a clue where to start, I gladly offered to assist.   

For the past year, I've been anti-Giant Eagle -so, my favorite grocery options are Trader Joe's, Target, and Costo.  We are supposed to be getting a Whole Foods -so, that will be added to my favs list, too!!

Target has a ton of options -but, didn't want to overwhelmed a newbie -so, here are some of our favs that we shared:

Kind Granola Clusters:  $4.99
Excellant in yogurt

Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Cracker:  $2.99
Delicious with cheese or chicken dip 

Chex GF Oatmeal:  $3.39
Perfect to grab in the morning of you are running late! 

Canyon Bakehouse GF 7-Grain Bread:  $5.49  (located in fresh grocery section)
By far, our fav GF bread 

Udi's GF Pizza Shells:  $5.99 (frozen) 
Perfect for any pizza...especially a veggie pizza.  

Next stop is Trader Joe's....

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