Sunday, March 22, 2015

Juniper Grill Gluten Free Goodness

After a busy day with the Easter Bunny, and having a family birthday celebration, we decided to grab a bite out tonight!  One of our favorite places close to home is Juniper Grill.  A vast majority of their menu is naturally Gluten Free.  

All 3 of us absolutely love their Cheesy Smoked Brisket Dip (Warm, Blended Cheese in a Cast Iron Skillet with Slow Smoked Brisket, Smokehouse Pico & Green Chilies. Served with BBQ Potato & White Corn Tortilla Chips): 

Miss J opted for the Rotisserie Chicken & Cheese Quesadilla on a Corn tortilla with Fresh Cut Fries:

Typically, I enjoy the Fish Tacos -but, tonight I was craving the Rotisserie Roated Chicken & Avocado Salad (Corn, Tomato, Almonds, Dates, Goat Cheese & Creamy Bacon Dressing (no croutons):

My gluten eating hubby enjoyed the Smokehouse Knife & Fork Salad (Smoked Brisket & Pork, Romaine Hearts, Ripe Avocado, Black Bean & Corn Salsa & Local Bacon with Smoky Ranch) which is also naturally Gluten Free.  However, I forgot to snap a picture...sorry!  

It was certainly a great day filled with lots of amazing Gluten Free goodness!  

AllergenFree Pizza with the Easter Bunny

Miss J has been so excited...and the day has finally come!  Today, we had our fav Mandy's Pizza with the Easter bunny at Naturally Soergels.  It was a true joy watching all the smiles on the kids in their element not only with the Easter Bunny -but, also with the jump house, and craft making!  After we filled our bellies with gluten free pizza goodness, we ventured to around Soegels with our last stop being to take advantage of our "bunny bucks" which offered 10% off at Natually Soergels...and get jelly beans!!  Natually Soergels has a fantastic gluten free, and allergen free selection from freezer items to anything!  We love to make the drive as often as we can because they not only have the gluten free options for us -but, lots for Miss J to do.  Soergels is set up like a little town with separate buildings (the market, amish furniture, home & grade, gift barn)...and can't forget about the little kids town, and animals!  

In addition to the Easter Bunny event, Soergels  & Mandy's Pizza also host a Trick or Treating, and Donuts with Santa event.  It's so nice to attend a kids event, not have to worry a bit about the food, and knowing it's  all safe.  Not only does Miss J enjoy the events, we also love it.  It's kind of like being in Disney...truly magical, and carefree!!  

Be sure to like the Pittsburgh Celiac Facebook page where I'll post and share all upcoming events!  A very special thank you to Naturally Soergels & Mandy's Pizza for yet another memorable event!  

Friday, March 20, 2015

Trader Joe's GF Products

Trader Joe's has many GF options and certainly much better prices than Giant Eagle!!  Below are a few of our favs that we like to have on hand.  In addition to the ones pictured, they also have many more options -such as:
  1. ginger snap cookies
  2. chocolate chip cookies
  3. chicken tenders (frozen)  
  4. breaded fish (frozen)
  5. Udi's bagels
  6. Udi's hamburger & hot dog buns
  7. Udi's bread, English muffins 
  8. chocolate cupcakes with butter cream frosting  

I'm sure there are quite a few that I missed in the list, too!!  

Chocolate Chip Brownie Mix (new): $3.99

Joe-Joe's Cookies:  $3.99

Quinoa-Brown Rice Organic Pasta:  $2.99

GF Rolled Oats:  $3.99

My first visit to Trader Joe's was very intimidating to me because of their private labels -however, I quickly got over that and fell in love!  After the first few visits, Miss J had high expectation for any store we ever visitored!  She loves that they let her help scan items at times, able to hand them product from the cart...and can't forget about the stickers!!  At times, the stickers are even scratch & sniff!!  It's the little things in life!

I'd love to hear what your favorite GF products or finds.  Please feel free to leave a comment below to tell me all about them!  

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Target GF Finds

A friend of ours recently started a Gluten Free (GF) journey, and overwhelmed with finding products.  Knowing first hand how intimidating it is to start out GF, and not having a clue where to start, I gladly offered to assist.   

For the past year, I've been anti-Giant Eagle -so, my favorite grocery options are Trader Joe's, Target, and Costo.  We are supposed to be getting a Whole Foods -so, that will be added to my favs list, too!!

Target has a ton of options -but, didn't want to overwhelmed a newbie -so, here are some of our favs that we shared:

Kind Granola Clusters:  $4.99
Excellant in yogurt

Crunchmaster Multi-Grain Cracker:  $2.99
Delicious with cheese or chicken dip 

Chex GF Oatmeal:  $3.39
Perfect to grab in the morning of you are running late! 

Canyon Bakehouse GF 7-Grain Bread:  $5.49  (located in fresh grocery section)
By far, our fav GF bread 

Udi's GF Pizza Shells:  $5.99 (frozen) 
Perfect for any pizza...especially a veggie pizza.  

Next stop is Trader Joe's....

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pittsburgh Celiac...formerly Happy Go Lucky & Gluten Free

Well..I decided to continue blogging, and change the blog name!  Since I'm a Pittsburgh girl, and a Celiac, what a better name, right?!?!  I'm planning to still share the I come across on my Facebook Page -so, be sure to like it if you haven't done so already!  As I'm out and about in the area, I'll due blog post on Gluten Free finds -such as, food, events...or whatever!  I'll also continue to do blog post on travels, and anything that others outside of Pittsburgh may find helpful, too!  So...please stay tuned!