Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Best. Day. Ever

Yesterday was the best. day. ever. for me!  

Last, week, I passed along my blog post on Gluten Free Goodness in Walt Disney World to Disney.  Well...a Disney Guest Experience Service Member called me yesterday to thank me for passing it along and glad to hear we had such a magical trip.  This really and truly beyond made my day...it's truly the little things that matter most. 
With all the gluten free diet mocking going around it sure doesn't affect Disney's magical ways.  Lately,  it  has been a true challenge to go out the eat around homes since at times so many don't  taking the gluten free diet seriously, and truly don't get the impact it has on a Celiac's health.   If only Disney were closer for us to visit more then once a year...or to be able to jump on  Monorail to enjoy a Disney meal!   Thanks to Disney for giving all of us with allergies the faith that  gluten free food can be delicious and safe.  Sometimes we need a little magic...and that phone call yesterday did just that for me!!  

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