Wednesday, February 18, 2015

At a Crossroad...

Lately, I've been at a blogging crossroad...should I stay or should I go?!?!  I'm a very private person so it's really hard for me to put my story & thoughts out there -but, yet hoping that by me doing so, it truly lets someone know that they aren't alone.  My goal with this blog is simply just to bring awareness of the Celiac struggles, and life, pass along GF finds, and advocate. 

With my last 2 blog post, I tried to put my heart and soul into them, and then I got the "thank you" call for Disney.  Was that a sign that I'm helping or a sign that its as good as it gets!?!?  Often, I wonder if my blog is truly really even helping anyone...and by the stats of everything, I'm barely getting out there...and even more challenges of being the new kid on the block!

So, maybe blogging isnt for me, thinking it's time to hang up my blogging hat.  Or maybe I'll try to reinvent myself, and refocus.  Of course, I welcome any input - whether you comment below, contact me via email through the "contact me" section, or FB page.  One thing I know for sure is I want to be involved in the Celiac/Gluten Free community -but, need to figure out what...and how!  

As they say "taking time to live life will only inspire your work", and I'm hoping to do just that!  It's not's see you later!!  Thank you for all who have followed me while I've tried to find my voice...hopefully I've helped you in someway!  Stay Celiac Strong!!  Xoxo. 

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