Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Adjusting to NEW Food Sensitivies

Our house has been going through a bit of an adjustments lately!  Recently, we  discovered my hubby has more food sensitivities than me, and Miss J!  As I have mentioned before, in addition to having Celiac, I also have Crohns.  Luckily both are controlled by being on a Gluten Free diet.  My GI was concerned at one point at all the damage he saw on my colonoscopy -but, when I had my recent test, the finding showed that it surprisingly healed!  I've been trying my best to eat all whole foods in addition to being gluten free.  Lately though, I've been having an annoying feeling in my side -so, I knew something else was going on with me.  Since I know first had how much food can be such a huge factor in our health, I had a feeling my body wasn't liking something I was eating.  In the past, I saw a blog post from Sincerely Caroline about Emily Levenson performing food sensitivity testing, and was quite intrigued.  My husband is always complaining of stomach issues -but, would never believe me that it has to be a food sensitivity, and just fluffed it off to too much pop or spicy food.  There was no question in my mind that he had food sensitivities -so, I reached out to Emily to schedule a visit.     

Well...thanks to an amazing visit with Emily, we now know my hubby's stomach issues were all due to his sensitivity to butter, whey, wheat, and nightshades (what the heck is this you ask?  see below!).  In addition to gluten, I also have a sensitivity to nightshades, and a few more things.  

Now that I have cut our nightshades, and more my side is feeling better! Guess what?!?!  My hubby is feeling much better too!  This year, I made homemade Elderberry Syrup with ACV, and local honey only to discover I have an honey sensitivity, too!  So many of my comforts have been causing my discomfort!  Before my celiac diagnosis the same thing happened, too!  I'd be queasy so I'd eat gluten filled pretzels or toast...go figure!!  Food is such a huge factor to our health.  

We all highly recommend a visit with Emily; which can be done in-person or via distance testing with immediate results.  How it work you ask!?!?  To be sure I didn't misspeak, I pulled the following from Emily's website:  
The Food Sensitivity Testing looks at the body’s energetic response to over 300 foods, including: berries, beverages like caffeine and alcohol, dairy, fish, fruit, grains, beans and legumes, meats, nuts and seeds, oils and fats, shellfish, herbs and spices, sweeteners, thickeners, and vegetables.
The testing is done through a process called BioEnergetic Assessment or ElectroDermal Screening. The assessment involves taking simple, painless, electronic readings on the skin surface of the hand; no blood is drawn.
The test results are immediate. There is no lengthy waiting period for you to get the answers you need.
After my Celiac diagnosis over 11 years ago, I had to do a lot of research to wrap my mind around my new way of life and finding out what contained gluten.  Not to mention, there wasn't nearly as much information or product option as today. I was so overwhelmed.  Please know, Emily does not tell you what food you are sensitive to, and send you on your way...she is there for you! During your visit, you can opt for Emily to help you with meal planning.  In addition, Emily is extremely resourceful, and a wealth of knowledge.  Not to mention, her web site is very resourceful and has a ton of great recipes, too!

As I mentioned in the past, I struggle with anxiety, and my food issues tend to heighten it. Thanks to Emily, I have found a useful too that I just never knew how to try...meditation!  Thanks to Emily's suggestion, I've discovered a podcast, and love it!!  

Gluten & wheat (for my hubby) are no big deal to us...however; adding nightshades to the mix was another story!  Just like my Celiac diagnosis when I had no idea what gluten was...well, it was the same thing with nightshades!  I'm still frequently referring to my sheet from Emily to double the list of nightshade foods.  We were such potatoes eaters -but, easily switched to sweet potatoes.  One of the little challenges we discovered is that most gluten free bread products contain potato starch to make it fluffy -so, we even have to double check our gluten free products. However, luckily my new Canyon Bakehouse bread find is on the safe list!!  

Overall, we truly can't complain about our food sensitivities  it can be much worse.  We still have SO many yummy food options.  In 6 month we will try to reintroduce nightshades for me, and my hubby...but, of course will never re-introduce gluten.  

As you can tell, we learned so much from our visit with Emily, and highly recommend her.  To get in touch with Emily or more information of what she has to offer, take a look at her website: http://emilylevenson.comPlease feel free to drop a line with any questions.  If I don't get a chance to post a blog before...Happy Thanksgiving!!  


  1. Totally understand nightshades. I have a good friend who is deathly allergic to them.

    I sometimes wonder if I should do something like this, but worry about both the cost and having to adjust to another dietary restriction. But mainly the cost. There is probably something that I don't know about. Food is never easy. I do think I have an issue with tapioca starch, which really sucks when it comes to gf baked goods. I sometimes wonder what else lurkes out there.

    1. Emily is amazing...and love that there is no needles used!