Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Might make some minor changes....

I've been digging into my 100 days of real food book , and doing a lot of thinking.  As I started reading the book, I did a google search for Real Food for Celiacs, and really didn't find much.  There are a few -but, not specifically Celiac or those living a gluten free lifestyle.  So, I got to thinking that maybe that could be me!  As a celiac, I have the basics down for real food, and just need to make adjustments to making some of my own real food grains -such, as breads.  When I was first diagnosed, I learned the easy way to grocery shop was to stay in the outside isles...with all the fruits, veggies, deli, meat/seafood, and dairy; is also the basics to real food, too!  

Awhile I go, I started trying to make my own waffles,  donuts, and cookies when we want them instead of store bought.  Now, I need to play around and find a good bread recipe!  I'll be honest, I'm still not the most creative baker to make my own recipes from scratch.  I'm the type that prefers, and easy recipe, and I just adjusted as needed as I make it.  Hopefully, you don't mind if when I share recipes they aren't my own.  

Since I started this blog last summer, I've been trying to find my voice as well as finding my area of expertise per say!  I'm thinking this just may be it....happy go lucky, gluten free...and eating real food!    

So, what do you all think?  Will this help you, too?  

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