Tuesday, September 9, 2014

100 Days of Real Food

My last blog was about me choosing to start eating much healthier...well, now I'm serious!  Recently ordered the book 100 Days of Real Food and just darted to dig in reading in.  I'm ready to commit, and dig in!  Before ordering the book, I asked if the book would be suitable for a gluten free life style, and I was excited to find out there are 71 recipes out of 100 that can be gluten free!  I'm sure I'll be able to alert the ones that aren't gluten free, too!

The 100 Days of Real Food website, and FaceBook page is extremely informative.  Even if you hesitant on doing 100 day, there is a 10 day challenge to try...and a ton of tips!  My daughter will adjust to real foods perfectly since she is already pretty much used to it.  However, my husband on the other hand may be a different story.  Our daughter who will be 5 next month is Gluten Intolerant (also has the Celiac gene), and I'm a Celiac -so, our house is 100% gluten free.  My husband is great at being gluten free in the house -but, outside of the house is a different story!  Not to mention he has a slight addition to chips, and such...junk food in general!  I'm up for the challenge with him though!!

My plan is to start weeding out processed food this week so we don't have the temptation, and start stocking with real food.  I've always believed the real stuff like sour cream and cream cheese are much healthier for you than the low fat/non fat since there are so many additives in them.  Of course, as long as you limit your portions!

For now, I have lots of homework to do with cleaning out, organizing, and finishing my reading!  I'll be sure to keep you updated on how it goes!

If you have any tips or advise, please feel free add a comment, or drop me a line.

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