Monday, August 11, 2014

Safe Eats

Is it just me or have you also found it more difficult to eat out lately?!?!  In the past, when a restaurant had a gluten free menu, they knew to take precautions due to Celiac.  Now, when I request a gluten free menu at the very few restaurant choices that I have, they seem to fluff me off -so, I stress several times we have "allergies".  It so frustrating that the fad diet now makes it difficult for those of us that need gluten free to get safe, gluten free food.  

Unfortunately, we only have a handful of choices of where we can eat out, and of that handful only 3 do I feel confident of getting a safe meal.  Locally, we have a BnDz (Burgers and Dogs) who are extremely knowledgeable, and have delicious food.   We had our first visit the other day, and truly impressed.  You can order off the menu or create your own.  My daughter who is 4 was tickled pink that they gave her a sweet treat; which was gluten free (labeled that way too)!  They also have a dedicated frier for their fresh cut fries, and gluten free buns!  
Upon placing our orders and saying we needed gluten free, they asked if we were Celiacs.  That is honestly the first time I'v been asked that in a very long time!  The owner has a medical background, and wanted to create a safe place for all to eat...that he sure did!  

Another comfort out to eat spot is PF Changs.  One of my biggest comforts with our PF Changs is Gluten Free meals are served on a different style plate -so, when you are handed your plate you aren't wondering if its the correct meal.  It would be nice if all the other places that offer Gluten Free menus would do something similar.  Or even put a Gluten Free flag on it!  

Last but certainly not least, my 3rd favorite comfort to eat out is Mandy's Pizza.  There are 2 locations to get Gluten Free yummies:  West View, and the newest location is in Squirrel Hill.  The owners son has food allergies -so, they take every needed precaution.  Mandy's Pizza offers a fantastic selection of yummy goodness, too!  I've tries all they have to offer, and have never been disappointed!  The Squirrel Hill location is actually across the street from a dedicated Gluten Free Bakery:  Gluuteny.  That right there is just a Celiacs dream to be able to get a delicious Gluten Free Pizza, Fries, Hoagie...and then go across the street for Dessert!  

I'd love to hear of some of you favorite safe, Gluten Free spots in Pittsburgh...or any other area for travel ideas!  

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