Monday, August 25, 2014

Back to School Concerns

Do you have any little ones heading back to school, and you are preparing and education the school of your child being a celiac, gluten intolerant, or any intolerance?  Personally, I never didn't go through my school years as a celiac since I wasn't diagnosed until I was 26.  However, I have Miss J to get safely through school.  Miss J is getting ready for her 2nd year of pre school -so, for now we only have to deal with a snack.  We are very blessed that one of Miss J's teachers is a mom of a Celiac; which gives this anxiety ridden mom much comfort.  At Miss J's school they take turns bringing in a snack.  For the days a safe snack isn't provided, we send in a stash for the teachers to have on hand.  

For years, I've mentally been preparing for elementary school, and already have major anxiety over it!  Miss J is very good about checking with us first before eating something other give to her.  But, can't help but worry about that one time she does forget to ask or someone tells her it's safe when in fact it isn't.  In addition to mentally preparing, I'm also preparing my Pinterst board with lunch ideas!  All the fun lunch ideas distract my from all the mental preparing!!!  

Even though Miss J isn't in elementary school yet, we still have a good bit of practice of packing lunches/dinners since we typically take a meal to all functions.  We also pack our lunch each day since us girls help out at my husbands seasonal business.  We always pack lots of fruit and veggies, yogurt, sandwich on gf bread, corn tortilla or wrap, gf pretzels (we love snyders of Hanover), and of course a sweet little snack.  For some creative lunch ideas, check out Keely McGuire's website.  

I'd love to hear what some of the things you pack in your little ones lunches, and/or your concerns.

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