Monday, August 25, 2014

Adapting to Healthier Eating Habits

It's been 11 years since my Celiac diagnosis, and being 100% gluten free.  It's truly amazing  how many changes there have been for a gluten free lifestyle in the past 11 years.  Food has certainly gotten much better with many more options.  Upon my diagnosis, I went back to the basics since I was so intimidated by the labels, and having no clue what was safe.  For breakfast, I'd have some fruit or yogurt, and lunch some cheese, apples with peanut butter, and veggies.  For dinner with plain chicken breast, potatoes, and  more veggies.  Keep in mind, I was diagnosed 2 weeks before my wedding day, and had no experience of cooking except for Ramon noodles from my college days!  So, upon adjusting to being married, I attempted to learn to cook gluten free!  To say the least, it was a rough adjustment for a while, and many gloomy days.  My husband was a saint during that time (and still is), and of course couldn't have done without my mom...especially since she kept me fed, taught me to cook, and a shoulder to cry on!  

Now that I'm beyond comfortable in my gluten free lifestyle, I've been thinking of how many processed food we can fall back on.  Over the next month I'm determined to go back to real food, and a truly healthier lifestyle.  I'm going to start cleaning out the pantry and weed out processed food so there isn't a temptation.  Certainly, I'm sure we won't adhere 100% all the time...especially since being a Celiac requires so much dedication, I'll need a cheating outlet since there is absolutely no cheating with gluten free.  

Many times, people are surprised that Miss J is such a good eater.  Really and truly, I know it's because of our gluten free lifestyle.  She loves, shrimp, salmon, hard boiled eggs, fruits and veggies galore.  I'm truly glad that we don't have the option of fast food or pizza delivery so that we are forced to have much healthier eating habits.  

Over the next month, be sure to check out my FaceBook page and Facebook Group Page for recipes, and such!  For now...cheers with a green smoothie to healthier eating!  Please feel free to comment with any input or suggestions!  

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