Thursday, June 19, 2014

Struggles with Celiac and Anxiety

I've debated a long time on writing a blog post about the anxiety that comes along with being a Celiac...and I'm finally doing it!  This may not be with all Celiacs or those with food allergies -but, it certainly is with me!!!  I've always been a very anxious person, and not fond of social setting -but, always managed to pull it together and no one ever realized.  As I've gotten older, being diagnosed with Celiac & Crohns my anxiety has heightened.  I've noticed that I am quicker to pull away from people because so many just don't understand the life of a Celiac, and how every social setting revolves around food -so, for me it's easier to go into shut down mode.  To be honest, most of my family & friends don't know this about me.

For a little bit, I went through an "oh well if I get contaminated"...and then I got contaminated.  Well, this contamination was the all mighty contamination!  I haven't been that sick from a contamination in a very long time, and I certainly am no longer in the "oh well if I get contaminated" mindset.  My guts freaked out so badly that I almost passed out not once -but, 3 times! The contamination feeling oh so quickly refreshed my mind why I'm typically so anal with food preparation, and usually stay away from eating out or food prepared by others.  You bet I'm now back on track, and being strict!  Sadly, now that I've been contaminated at a place I've always trusted, I'm back to being my old anxious self sticking to just eating at home!  Oh the life of a Celiac or living with a food allergy, right?!?!

I've always been the type of person who is anxious to please other, and I've finally realized I need to stop!  All the anxiety is wearing on my body more than celiac & crohns -so, it's time to make some changes in my life, right? This year, I finally realized enough is enough, and have been trying my best to put me first.  After all, if I don't take care of myself I can't be the best mom for my baby girl, and wife/daughter/sister/friend!  It can get pretty challenging for me at times -but, could never get through it all without my extremely supportive husband, family and friends.  I'm truly blessed...especially since my nearest and dearest friends accept me for me...anxiety & food issues and all!  This winter, great friend introduced me to hot yoga; which is perfect outlet to help to better myself, and relieve some anxiety.  If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.  The hot yoga may not be for all -but, believe yoga in general is amazing.

I'm hoping this post hit home with some of you, and mainly just lets other know they aren't alone.  I'm hoping by me finally putting this out there it lets someone know they aren't alone!   Hoping you appreciate my being honest, and no judgement.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Amazing Simple Sugars Products

Do you have a favorite gluten free skin care or makeup product?  I'm a big fan of local small businesses, and have to share a great local, gluten free product:  Simple Sugars .  You may have even seen this "sweet" product on Shark Tank, too!  

My daughter who is 4 years old has very sensitive skin, and she loves the Raspberry Body Scrub.  By using this product, I can even skip putting location on her since it moisturizes so well, too!  No tot mention, it makes her smell even sweeter than she is!!  So far, I've used the eucalyptus-body-scrubcoconut-body-scrub,vanilla-body-scrub...and LOVE them all!  With my slight addition, I'm sure I'll be trying the rest of them before I know it!!  

My new favorite find of Simple Sugars is green-tea-with-tea-tree-facial-scrub.  I have bad breakouts, and have noticed a huge difference since using this amazing product.  I love that it's all natural, and works SO well!  Definitely a must try!  

So...get to your local Giant Eagle if you are in the Pittsburgh area...or head over to Simple Sugars website!