Monday, April 7, 2014

Supplements, and stuff!!

Wow...It's been a long time since I've made a post!!!  The warmer weather...or hopes of it, has given me some motivation!  I'm back on my healthy kick, and hoping to stay on it going forward!

Over the last month, I started taking some supplements that really have seemed to help me.  I typically lack energy, and could easily take a nap mid-day.  Due to having both Celiac & Crohns  I'm sure the lack of energy is due to malabsorption. So, I researched some things and came up with the following list of supplements to take daily:
1.  Hawaiian Spirulina

2.  BioAstin Hawaiian Astaxanthin

3.  Aloe Vera juice to help heal my guts
(Purchase a big container at Trader Joe's)

4.  Acidophilus Probiotic

5.  Vitamin D due to being deficient 

Also, I've added taking about a tablespoon a day of coconut oil; which I add to my coffee with coconut milk. Delicious!!  

My 4 year old daughter, takes a multivitamin and probiotic daily, too.

1.  Hakuna Matata Vitamins

2.  Chewable Probiotic

Please note I chose all the supplements on my own...this by no means is a paid advertisement...and what works for me may not work quite as well for you.  As always, be sure to verify all supplements are gluten free before taking them!  

I'd love to know what supplements you take!!  


  1. Great stuff!

    Have you ever thought about taking green tea extracts for extra antioxidant support?

    1. Thanks, Sean! I'm going to look into that! Thanks for the suggestion!