Monday, March 25, 2013

Trader Joe's GF Goodies

It's already Monday, and I don't have a clue what we are eating this week! Yesterday, I had a flare up with my Crohn's so I was down for the count for a bit of the day. Hoping by tonight to have my meal plan done for the week, and post it!

In the mean time, we made a quick trip to Trader Joe's to re-stock our fruit & veggie supply. Thought I'd share some of our favorite GF Trader Joe finds.

My house is always stocked with Trader Joe's pasta. It's so much cheaper that the rest, and rather tasty! They have a corn based pasta and a brown rice based pasta. Lately, we have been using the brown rice -but, like them both!

For breakfast, we love their GF Granola with some fruit and yogurt. On our latest trip, we discovered their Brown Rice Marshmallow treats.

This trip, I noticed a frozen GF pizza that I've never noticed before, and can't wait to try! Also, decided to try the GF waffles. I usually make my own with Pamela's mix -but, it's always nice to have something quick on hand too!

My daughter loves the strawberry Popsicles (currently out of stock), and I love them because they are made with real fruit! She also loves the Mango & Cream Bars...and Gone Bananas. And...can't forget about the Crushers; which are squeeze apple sauces.

Love Trader Joe's for many reasons:
1. service is great!! Today while checking out, the cashier noticed my celery bag was open, and she rang the bell for someone to get me a new one.

2. Prices are GREAT! Where else can you get GF pasta for $1.99 a bag?!?!

3. Fantastic GF yummy food options!

Just a word of caution. Always read they labels. Sometimes it may have the "g" for gluten free but may be processed on shared equipment.

Here are pictures of our favorite products, and some that I didn't mention that are also our favorites!

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