Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Recent Travels

My apologies for being MIA lately!  Lately, I've had no energy and certainly no motivation...and can't believe it's already February!  After my recent visit to the gastro, discovered this may be due to having basically no vitamin D!  So, the fix for now is a prescribed supplement 2x a week.  So, we shall see!

What a perfect way to boost vitamin D than a trip to Jamaica, right?!?!  To be honest, I was very nervous and anxious about this trip.  Our typical trip is to Disney where I have no worries, and my true comfort zone.  This summer before committing to the trip, I contacted the resort (Hilton Rose Hall) and the head chef got right back to me assuring there would be no problems.  Even with the assurance, I was still very anxious.

There ended up being no need to be anxious!  The trip was perfect!  The restaurant staff at Rose Hall made us feel like celebrities...especially our 3 year old daughter.  They all quickly knew us as the Gluten Free girls, and helped in any way they could.  As they say, Jamaicans aren't happen until your happy...and they made us more than happy!  YEAH MON!!

We stuck with the buffet option for each meal.  They had the buffet set up allergy friendly...fruit section was all separate from everything else to elevate the risk of contamination.  For breakfast, we either did scrambled eggs, bacon, yogurt, and fresh fruit.  For lunch, I did the salad bar, and my daughter got hooked on a lettuce wrap with cheese, and pickle...and of course fresh fruit!  For dinner, we always re-ordered a type of fish, potato, and veggies.  My daughter loves shrimp -so, that was usually her request!  If you can't tell we are both huge creatures of habit by once we find something we like, we stick with it! And...I can't forget about the self-serve ice cream machine!!  

The highlight of our trip was my daughters true joy of getting to enjoy the water from a fresh coconut, and we then ate the meat.  She spotted the coconuts in the tree as soon as we arrived, and the kind landscaper gladly brightened her day!

Now, we are back to reality...with snow and being freezing cold!  I'm trying my best to stay back on track, and hope to be posting a lot more!  Thanks for bearing with me...and stay tuned!