Monday, January 7, 2013

Holidays & Some Travel

Happy Monday & Happy New Year All!  Sorry for not posting for a while...the holidays & sickness got the best of our household!  Did you all survive the holidays?  Did they go as quickly for you as they did for me?  Hopefully you all were able to enjoy a lot of amazing Gluten Free food, and there was no contamination.  We had a food overload here on Christmas Day at our house...and it was all delicious.  

This year, I participated in a Gluten Free Secret Santa through another blog, and loved the idea!  It was nice to get a special GF package in the mail, and see what other really like.  Maybe next year we will have a HGL&GF (Happy Go Lucky & Gluten Free) Secret Santa.  Feel free to share your thoughts with me!  

We are getting ready to ditch this cold weather, and head to sunny, warm Jamaica!  Has anyone had any GF experiences in Jamaica?  I'm starting to get anxious since we will be out of my comfort of Disney World where I don't have a single worry about being Gluten Free.  I'll certainly be packing lots of snacks, and possibly taking a cooler too.  Even when we travel to Disney, I typically take a little cooler with our favorite yogurts, fruits & veggies to have on hand; which saves on some of our cost too!  My little girl is an almond milk drinker -so, I try to take a few of the single serve containers of that as well.  I'm considering baking some of our favorite cookies but worry about customs giving us a hard time since they aren't pre-packaged.  

Please feel free to drop a line or a comment if you have had any travel experience you'd like to share...would love to hear from you!  

Hope you all have a great Monday, and talk to you soon!