Friday, November 9, 2012

Gluten Free Holidays

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away...and then Christmas will be here before we know it?!?!  How do you handle your holidays, and being Gluten Free?  I'm very lucky, my mom or I usually host Thanksgiving for the family, and everything is 100% Gluten Free.  At time, I feel it's tough for those around me to realize how much anxiety goes along with me and the holidays...not only for myself but for my daughter, too.  When we attend an event, I always have so much anxiety, and fear of food being 100% safe (meaning truly gluten free, and no contamination).  It's tough for those without allergies to truly get it, and not accidentally insult someone.  It's a true challenge for me to truly trust a food being safe because a lot assume that because they made something GF that it's safe -but, don't realize the contamination factor.  For example, if someone makes a non GF cake then makes a GF cake, it only takes one little bit of flour to be left on the mixer to make a Celiac or someone Gluten Intolerant sick.  The other part is when we get contaminated, we maybe "sick" for a day or 2 -but, it takes at least a month for our guts to heal themselves.

Someday, I hope to finally have respect from others, and especially respect my GF comfort zone.  I truly appreciate the kind gestures of family & friends including me with GF food, and don't ever mean to insult them  by not eating such foods.  When my daughter, and myself's health is involved, I am extremely cautious, and hope that someday all will truly understand, and more importantly respect it.

Ever since, I was diagnosed, I always have truly dreaded the holiday.  It isn't until you are diagnosed with a food allergy that you realize just how much the holiday revolve around food!!  Every holiday function I attend, I take something safe, and keep some for myself & daughter separate so we have something 100% safe.  Typically, I take a dip, and it is inevitable that someone forgets, and dips a pretzel (not GF) -so, our separate safe serving saves us!

When I host something at the holiday, everything is 100% GF, and ask those coming to follow the house rule of when in doubt, come without.  Typically, I make all the food, ask those coming to bring chips, beverages, or ice cream (obviously no cookie n cream and such), and then I can double check the labels, too!!

Just a little holiday Thanksgiving tip to pass on.  Keep in mind that if non Gluten Free stuffing is cooked in the turkey, the typically safe turkey is no longer Gluten Free.  Also, be cautions of basting, and such for cooking the turkey...and of course gravy.

Stay tuned for more holiday fun!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness

This evening, I received great news of being added to the list of bloggers on the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) website.  I'm so honored.  If you haven't already, be sure to check out their website for extremely useful information:

Disney & Gluten Free

Good Afternoon All!!  Hope you are keeping warm on these chilly days!  I'm sorry it's been a while!

I'm just getting back from a Disney trip, and Disney Cruise, and have finally recouped!  Traveling sure does time me out -but, all the memories make it all worth it!  Have any you ever done a trip to Disney or done the cruise?  If not, I highly recommend it.  I have so much anxiety when traveling and usually in general -but, not in Disney!  It is so nice to enjoy such amazing food, and not have to worry if it's safe.  They are amazing with all allergies, not just gluten.  The chef personally comes to talk to you about the menu, and pretty much can make whatever you want!  For the cruise, I ate a lot more than I should have -but, all was so delicious and inclusive, I couldn't help myself!  

Disney is such a comfort especially since when you say you have a gluten allergy, not a single person looks at you like you have two heads!  Also, you can eat anywhere on Disney property, and not have to pick and choose.  If you have haven't experienced Disney, you sure need to do so!  If you need any suggestions or recommendations, I'm more than willing to answer any questions.  

Stay tuned, and have a great rest of the day!