Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday All!!  Yesterday's dinner was yet another Pinterest recipe that I found and quite easy to make!  My daughter requested Mac & Cheese for dinner -so, the Cheeseburger Pasta worked out perfectly!  The recipe was as cheesy as I like it -but, will certainly adjust the recipe accordingly the next time.  The only adjustments that I made to the recipe was GF pasta, and sprinkle feta cheese over the top.  Isn't there a saying that Feta makes everything better!?!?  

Click here for the Cheesburger Pasta Recipe

Tonight's dinner is a mystery, yet!  It will either be pizza or something on the grill.  Just may be the grill since the nice weather may not be lasting much long, and we have to take advantage while we can! 

Anyone having anything yummy for tonight that they would like to share with us all? Hope you all have a great weekend...and have lots of yummy GF eats! 

One last thing....I've added some "gadgets" to the blog page.  You can now get the blog post  automatically  emailed to you by adding your email address at the top of the page, and an option to share this blog on Facebook or Twitter.  :-)

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