Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Chex Mix

Thought I'd pass on a little holiday treat idea.  This recipe will need adjusted slightly to be Gluten Free...just substitute GF Pretzels.  I made this last year and it was a big hit in our family.  Recently, I picked-up the candy corn, and had to hide them from my husband and daughter...or there would be none left for this recipe! 

Hope your friends & family like this as much as we do!  Click here the Halloween Chex Mix Recipe

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  1. Please Note: This year for some reason, I'm having difficulty finding "safe" candy corns. All the big brand names ones note they are made in a facility that handles wheat. However, this weekend, I found a safe one at a local farm (Soergel's). Just wanted to bring it to your attention so you were aware too!