Monday, October 1, 2012

Easy Comfort Food!

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Can't believe today is already October 1st!  Not quite sure where September went!!  

We had a nice, lazy weekend -but, accomplished a lot!  One of my accomplishments was putting together my 2 week meal plan -but, now just need to do the shopping for it!  Often times, I wish grocery stores had a delivery service -but, with a gluten free lifestyle, I'm not sure we'd have all safe food in the bag!  Since I didn't get my grocery shopping done, I put together 2 meals of things that I always have in the house:  Risotto & Chicken Caruso. 

Yesterday for dinner, I made Risotto with shrimp, peas, and bacon.  I follow a recipe that I found of which is easy...and delicious!  My 2 year old loves it...and so does my hubby!

Click here for the Risotto Recipe

Today is a crockpot meal for dinner.  I'm making one of our favorite family recipes:  Chicken Caruso.  It can be made in the crockpot or stove top.  It's simply marina sauce, chopped celery, pineapple chunks, and pieces of chicken over rice. 

Hope you all have a very enjoyable Monday, and a Happy Gluten Free Day!

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