Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a very enjoyable day. My amazing cousin, Kayla, hosted our family Mother's day get together, and made everything Gluten Free...and was delicious. We had a deli tray w/ Udi's gf buns, baked ziti, spinach strata, chicken waldorf salad, key lime fudge, cheesecake stuffed strawberries, pickle dip, fruit, and peanut butter chocolate pretzel cookies. I'm truly blessed to have such an amazing family that is supportive, and understand our gluten free lifestyle. As my cousin said today, "it's really no different than normal food, it's just being mindful". And I counldn't agree more. Hope you all had great day with special people...whether you are a mother, grandmother, and, or special someone in a child's life...Happy Mother's Day!!

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  1. awww I made the blog :) It was my pleasure to do it, and you totally deserve it. You are one amazing mama! Jos is a lucky girl! Love ya both....and Hen too!